Monday, January 5, 2009

Re-purposed Valentine Candy Boxes

My tall, dark, and handsome husband is a lavish and unique gift giver, who often surprises me with flowers (and once a cake!) delivered to my door on Valentine's day. Last year I recieved a classic, giant heart shaped box of candies, which I saved (not the candy, just the box) knowing it had to become something else one day. So here it is, a "tacky in a good way" as my daughter stated, vintage Valentine assemblage.
This one is for sale at
or perhaps you should buy yourself a box, eat the contents with a cup of good coffee, and decorate for Valentine's day. (My youngest informed me yesterday that this box was purchased at a gas station, in case you're wondering where to find one. I think my husband is slipping!!)


Vanessa said...


Susan S. said...

Gosh dog it, I can't believe I've thrown so many valentine candy boxes away over the years! However, I LOVE your suggestion about going out and buying myself a box of I'll get JUST the right box I want, right!?!?!? Happy New Year from Houston, TX!

Denise Elizabeth said...

Hi love this idea. Denise

Denise Elizabeth said...

I'm trying to find your email. I have a question for you. Email me. Denise

Barb said...

What a cute idea, and i'm thinking of all the things i have in the back room of the store that would work for that. (trying to stay away from the sweet stuff, but not really doing very well.) =0)

I have a little girls black plastic purse with a piece missing in the front. I've been trying to figure out what to do with it. This would be perfect, but I will use some old Victorian photos, and add some glitz so it can be left out all the time.

Thank you for sharing, and blessings on your day.

I'm off to look at your other wonderful things.

Barbara Jean