Thursday, July 30, 2009

Get it out of the attic box and show it off!

Everyone has at least one box of family "stuff" that's not glamorous enough to rate an expensive shadow box, yet is important enough to keep. Old phone bills for $2.50, bent up photos, needle packs, war ration books, dress patterns; save them from the dark attic! Have quality copies made and collage your family history onto a journal, perfect for your thoughts or lists, or to send to school with your kids. Here are some examples. Now go have fun!


French Cupboard said...

Hi Meg! I love your idea of quality copies of the old paperie. Beautiful post!

Blessings... Polly (P.S. I had to reschedule your french cupboard post for tomorrow because The Vintage Nest was on the schedule for today. Here's the link for the team calendar:

Katie said...

This is so inspiring! I have a box of paper ephemera from an aunt who traveled to Europe in 1958. She kept every receipt and card and I love it all. I am so going to do this.

Question: When you say quality copies, do you mean Kinko's? Rather than my home scanner/color printer? Thanks!

Kerrie said...

You have inspired me to get the little vintage items from the attic and I will mention your site link on my blog when I post. Your site is delightful! Kerrie @ I found your site while visiting The Coquettish Fleur

Meg said...

About quality copies- most home computers do not color copy well enough to really show off a vintage piece. If you go to an office store, have them copy it on their behind the counter machine, rather than using the copiers they offer- they aren't always very good.